An Intrusive and Enigmatic Phenomenon

In July 2023, the United States House of Representatives officially conducted hearings into whistleblower allegations that Executive Branch agencies have withheld information concerning unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from Congress and the public. Moreover, the Pentagon was alleged to have misappropriated funds to shield those operations from congressional oversight while managing crash retrieval and reverse engineering programs at its discretion. Witness testimonies claimed the government was in possession of “non-human” spacecraft as well as recovered “biologics.” These whistleblowers were under oath and faced the threat of perjury (Romo & Chappell, 2023).


Yet such claims demand convincing evidence, although in this case, that standard comes with this caveat: what if the affirmatory evidence is intentionally hidden from the public? Could secret elites control the truth of extraterrestrial contact? Can these same elites evade public scrutiny and government oversight? Or is sufficient evidence available and the public is simply uninformed and disinterested? We know the UFO phenomenon is enigmatic, obfuscated by officialdom, and exceedingly complex. Clearly, a veil of ridicule exists since the subject stretches human imagination and comprehension. Is there, then, another way to confirm the unconfirmable?

The purpose of this article is to attempt that confirmation. The issue is complicated because much of the corroborative evidence may exceed our scientific understanding. The UFO phenomenon represents science past our science, appearing incomprehensible or even supernatural to us. Moreover, science itself is an imperfect analytic device, inherently relative and highly contestable. For example, quantum physics is notoriously counterintuitive (thus devoid of scientific consensus), and Kurt Gödel’s incompleteness theorems prove that even mathematics is fallible. Science is also corruptible. Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions proved that when confronted with new discoveries, scientific progress is often stifled by those invested in the current paradigm. Unfortunately, science is subject to the same frailties as any other human enterprise. Thus, science as an objective arbiter of truth is simply infeasible, especially regarding something as bizarre as the UFO phenomenon, which, given its extraordinary nature, causes even greater indignation among the orthodox.

The preoccupation with national security is also an impediment to any potential discovery of the truth. Virtually everyone agrees the government has intentionally concealed facts, managed disinformation campaigns, intimidated witnesses, subverted investigative efforts, and generally forestalled disclosure, all in the name of national security. Significant time and resources have been spent to maintain secrecy at the diminishment of truth. That veil of ridicule operates in both media and academia, designed to limit serious inquiry and deflect accountability. That effort is orchestrated, which proves that the UFO phenomenon is both real and concerning. Someone has something to hide. So, when examining the UFO phenomenon, we must grant some latitude to the logically conceivable, not just the scientifically validated or governmentally declared.

Theoretical Underpinnings

Fortunately, we do have some authoritative grounding on the subject. In 1961, renowned astronomer Frank Drake formulated the calculation for the possibility of extraterrestrial life—known as the Drake equation. Essentially a winnowing process, it reduces the total number of stars in our galaxy to those stars with orbiting planets to those with intelligent life. Below is the full Drake equation.

At the time of its conception, the Drake equation hypothesized that there were 3,500 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy and that life was relatively rare. The calculation begins with hundreds of billions of stars and a larger number of planets and moons. Hundreds of billions of galaxies exist, so even a preposterously conservative estimate of civilizations per galaxy (e.g., 10 or fewer) yields trillions of civilizations in the universe. From a scientific standpoint, extraterrestrial life is virtually certain and universally plenteous.

Intelligent life is separated by vast distances, so we must consider how extraterrestrials might develop their civilizations to traverse the galaxy. The best measure of any civilization’s capability is known as the Kardashev scale, developed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. The calculation is based on the amount of energy a civilization can utilize. Below is the Kardashev scale.

    • A type I civilization can access all the energy available on its planet and store it for consumption.
    • A type II civilization can directly consume the energy of its parent star, typically through a Dyson sphere (a megastructure surrounding a star, capturing its solar output) or some similar technology.
    • A type III civilization can capture all the energy emitted by its galaxy, including every star and any energetic object.

Since first formulated the Kardashev scale has since been amended to include accumulated knowledge and advancing technology as factors that also forward a civilization. In any case, an advanced civilization will likely use all means at its disposal (energy, knowledge, technology, spirituality, etc.) to first safeguard its species and then explore the galaxy. The question is whether they survive for a sufficient time without either destroying themselves or succumbing to natural disasters.

Combined, the Drake equation and the Kardashev scale provide the basis for whether extraterrestrials exist and how they might structure their civilization for advancement. Logically, civilizations aspire toward star travel for both resource acquisition and species extension. At some point, home planets are likely to face energy depletion with survival demanding expansion into the cosmic neighborhood. Possibly, strategic imperatives also compel civilizations to expand their presence in competition with other beings. The human system of international relations is insightful here—cultures pursuing their own interests while also forming alliances when necessary. Extrapolating again to a galactic scale, we can assume the same system characteristics—including diplomacy, trade, exchanges, missions, sanctions, pacts, espionage, and war—apply to all space-faring civilizations. It is anticipated that both malevolent and benevolent civilizations exist. Therefore, we must be prepared since extraterrestrial contact with our solar system is inevitable, and not all cultures are peaceful or assenting.

Since star systems vary in age by wide margins, civilizations on some planets could be billions of years older and more advanced than we are on Earth. Commensurate with that progress would be superior technology and advanced weaponry. History demonstrates that whenever a technologically inferior civilization encounters a superior one, there are disastrous consequences for the former. Typically, the inferior civilization is either exterminated or loses its way of life—think indigenous peoples of the world and European colonizers. Some have argued that our leaders understand that axiom and are therefore justified in maintaining secrecy until such time as humanity can handle the truth (Cowen, 2023). Others have insisted that humanity is ready, and our leaders have nefarious reasons for keeping the secrets.1 In any case, it is time to consider the evidence.


The Evidence for UFOs

Let’s consider the evidence for UFOs. We can begin with a basic taxonomy of encounters developed by astronomer J. Allen Hynek and extended separately by both Jacques Vallee and Steven Greer. Consider the following:

    • Close Encounter 1: Witness sighting of a UFO
    • Close Encounter 2: The UFO leaves physical evidence such as indented soil or burnt vegetation
    • Close Encounter 3: Witnesses report seeing an occupant of the UFO
    • Close Encounter 4. Witnesses are abducted by the occupants of the UFO
    • Close Encounter 5. Human-initiated contact with a UFO through lighting or sound sequences

Several well-researched books, including Fawcett and Greenwood’s Clear Intent (1984) and Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret (1988) offer detailed witness accounts. Credible cases number in the thousands. Witnesses report observing classic disc-shaped objects, flying triangles, shifting ovals or squares, fast-moving orbs, and other physics-defying craft. Often the UFO materializes and dematerializes with bizarre environmental effects, including shifting landscapes and missing time. Physical evidence has included metal fragments, measurable radioactivity, broken tree branches, gouged buildings, and exotic materials.

The occupants of UFOs are reported as humanoid, robotic, apparitional, and even transhuman. The classic description is a grey, small, child-sized humanoid with a large head and elongated arms and legs. There is little differentiation between greys, suggestive of either clones or cyborgs. Often, tall human-looking extraterrestrials are observed, displaying overt Nordic features such as blond hair and blue eyes. These are typically in command positions, directing various communications and physical examinations of abductees. The apparitional types are often referred to as “light beings” or “energies” and appear to have transcended the need for physical bodies. The robotic and transhuman figures appear as fusions of man and machine, typically equipped with remarkable technology and telepathic abilities. Additional types of beings have been reported in a variety of phenotypes but in far fewer numbers than those described here.

In 1994, John E. Mack wrote the book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens that detailed the abduction experience. His research included more than 200 case studies in which experiencers reported incredibly similar details of physical UFOs, including interiors, equipment, sounds, lighting, scents, movements, and occupants. Experiencers came from different countries, socioeconomic statuses, educational levels, types of employment, races and ethnicities, and ideologies and religions. The majority of experiencer accounts occurred before the Internet, so a globally orchestrated hoax was impossible.

At a 1992 conference that investigated the issue, top psychologists and researchers reached the conclusion that the abduction phenomenon was either an emerging mental disease or was actually happening. Given what we know about the Drake equation and the Kardashev scale, extraterrestrial life is a much more plausible explanation than the experiencers’ potential mental issues. Mack noted at the conference that the phenomenon was so bizarre that it defied conventional analyses. If real, however, the abduction phenomenon best describes the reluctance of government officials to acknowledge the truth due to its terrifying implications. No government can maintain legitimacy when it is powerless to stop its citizens from being taken against their will by beings from other worlds.

Finally, regarding human-initiated contact with extraterrestrials, Steven Greer claims that communication is possible using specific techniques and proven protocols, including sequential sounds, directed signals, concentrated meditation, lighting displays, and mental focus (“CE5 Contact App,” n.d.). Advocates report appearances of anomalous shapes, actual craft, bizarre lights, anthropologic forms, wavering orbs, and other peculiar manifestations. Many of the anomalies have been filmed and offer compelling evidence for their validity. Some locations on Earth are even considered hotspots for this activity.

Chris Bledsoe in his book UFO of God recounted an at will direction of these anomalies to appear. Apparently, the UFO phenomenon has a continual presence in our world and can be more or less activated. Jacques Vallee has also posited that this presence has a managerial element to its nature—a “control system” guiding humanity throughout our history toward some teleological end.2 In any case, this ability to summon the UFO presence requires further study and will likely proceed without any government acknowledgment or official sanction.

Investigation and Management of the UFO Phenomenon

Although the evidence for UFOs and their occupants is compelling, we also must consider who investigates and manages the phenomenon. Below is a list and discussion of the relevant actors. It is limited to American entities, although similar groups exist globally.

    • The National Security State. This includes the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The National Security State maintains the intricate data collection and intelligence analysis apparatus necessary to effectively study the UFO phenomenon. Ostensibly, the National Security Council (under the direction of the President of the United States) coordinates and directs the various agencies in pursuit of relevant tasks. In effect, the National Security State represents the first line of both awareness and defense regarding UFOs. 
    • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). These include the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), the International UFO Congress (IUFOC), and To the Stars Academy (TTSA). The combined memberships of these NGOs number in the tens of thousands. Typically, they employ investigative teams, technical personnel, individual researchers, media representatives, data analysts, and subject experts.
    • Individuals. This includes researchers, authors, investigators, academics, whistleblowers, and various insiders. Many of these individuals are also members of the above NGOs and other relevant organizations. Some have been employed by large defense contractors and have served advisory roles within national security. Much of what the public knows regarding the UFO phenomenon comes from this dedicated group of professionals. Notable authors include Jacques Vallee, Jenny Randles, William J. Birnes, Steven Greer, Philip J. Corso, John E. Mack, and Bob Lazar. 
    • Majestic 12. This is the advisory group of 12 members allegedly organized by President Harry S. Truman in 1947 after the reported crash of a craft near Roswell, New Mexico, to investigate and manage human interface with extraterrestrials and their technology. This entity is theorized but never proven to exist. Logically, such a group was formed—especially given the vast implications of extraterrestrial life—for national security. Nations would naturally seek military and intelligence preparedness before public acknowledgment of the contact and would organize accordingly. This group would reside in the deepest part of the deep state, prioritizing extreme secrecy and avoiding any regulation or oversight. Reportedly, the majority of the work of Majestic 12 is outsourced to private defense contractors due to their relevant expertise and proprietary rights (evading Freedom of Information Act requests).3 
    • The Aviary. This was a fascinating group of active and retired military and intelligence officers, individual researchers, authors, insiders, and informants from government agencies and defense contractors. They organized clandestinely and risked their security clearances and reputations in pursuit of their passion. Their primary objectives were to secure more UFO-related classified information and prove the existence of Majestic 12. The name is derived from avian code words such as falcon and owl that were given to its members to maintain secrecy. Likely, the group continues in some form.

In summary of the above groups, Majestic 12 probably exists and is rumored to derive its membership from the Jason Society, an elite group of scientists who advise the government of the United States. It is dubious that the National Security Council is entrusted with the management of the UFO phenomenon since its membership changes with administrations. More individuals with privileged knowledge increase the likelihood of media leaks or outright divulgence. Some members of Majestic 12 may serve on the National Security Council, but likely that is to control the Council in order to serve its ends.

If Majestic 12 exists, it is beyond oversight from any branch of government and operates in complete secrecy yet with immense controlling power. At the deepest level, it controls the National Security State. Majestic 12’s influence and direction, when necessary, likely reaches into all sectors of society, including the economy, the media, academia, religion, and technology, as well as all three branches of government. The vast majority of societal functioning is organic, but orchestration by Majestic 12 probably occurs at critical junctures or critical events. Those recruited into its machinations are likely instructed on the need for extreme secrecy and compensated accordingly. Its secretive authority is likely achieved through fines, imprisonment, denial of employment, threats of bodily harm, and perhaps even silencing. Even the NGOs are probably penetrated to control public awareness. After all, both private individuals and NGOs are dependent on the release of information from the National Security State since the vast majority of UFO-related data is from declassified government documents.

Those who control the information thus control its dissemination. This managed distribution of material likely fulfills any of the group’s related agenda. In fact, some experts have suggested that a desensitization program exists to gradually bring the public to awareness over hundreds of years.4 As mentioned, secrecy of the UFO presence is imperative, overriding whatever time scale exists for eventual disclosure. Next are details of how such secretive power and evasion of oversight are possible.

To understand how Majestic 12 may control virtually all UFO-related material and avoid oversight, we must examine the national security clearance structure. Clearances provide access to information that could damage national security if released without proper authorization. The higher the clearance, the more frequently it must be renewed. National security clearances act as a safeguard against public inquiry and are thus extremely effective at maintaining secrecy. The clearance categories are as follows, listed from least to maximum security:

    • Confidential
    • Secret
    • Top Secret
    • Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)
    • Special Access Project (SAP)
    • Unacknowledged Special Access Project (USAP)

The Department of Energy has its own classification system, but it corresponds to the above. For our purposes, the insightful levels regarding UFOs are SAP and USAP. These are security protocols that restrict information on a strictly need-to-know basis, thus avoiding standard oversight mechanisms. USAPs can be buried within SAPs and avoid all scrutiny. It is here that Majestic 12 might operate without congressional or presidential oversight while exercising control over UFO-related matters. The Tom Wilson affair demonstrates this clearly.5

In 1997, Admiral Tom Wilson was the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He later became Director of the DIA. In his purview, Wilson found a database of “special projects record groups” that were separated from typical SAPs. One special project (seemingly UFO-related) led to his questioning both its nature and funding. The project was managed by a top U.S. defense contractor, and as Wilson pursued his inquiry into its activities, he found increasing levels of compartmentalization and secrecy. He demanded to be included and informed. Subsequently, he met with the defense contractor’s program manager, the head of security, and corporate counsel who referred to themselves as “the watch committee” and denied Wilson’s access to their project.

Angered, Wilson reminded them of his position and pressed for answers. They eventually confided that they were a reverse engineering program, claiming to have a craft in their possession that was not from this world. Wilson was shown a BIGOT list of approved personnel for the project. A few Pentagon officials were cleared, but the majority resided in the private sector. Any potential Majestic 12 membership was obscured. The program was so compartmentalized that the U.S. President, his Cabinet, Congress, and Senior Administration officials were unaware of its existence. Wilson sought rectification through appropriate oversight channels but was told to cease his inquiry or be denied promotion with loss of rank and compensation. To save his career, Wilson acquiesced.

That is how secrets can be kept, with many historical precedents attesting to this fact. The Manhattan Project, which developed the first nuclear weapon, operated in complete secrecy for years before American citizens became aware of its existence during the bombing of Hiroshima. More recently, Area 51 in the High Desert of Nevada is notorious for its secretive nature. The public has virtually no information regarding its activities, and legal challenges are invariably subverted or denied.

An argument can be made that Majestic 12 or similar groups have a right to extreme secrecy due to the tremendous burden of its responsibilities regarding the extraterrestrial presence. The counterargument is that our tax dollars grant us the right to complete disclosure. The compromise solution, however, begins with an informed American public where the average citizen becomes more acquainted with the subject and then more assertive for disclosure. Those who manage human interface with the UFO phenomenon must eventually believe that the public can handle the truth if we are to get to the truth. We must educate ourselves and convince those in charge of our acceptance and confidence in the situation. Only then can we secure their trust.

Implications for the Future

Obviously, the UFO phenomenon portends much for the human future—dangers and opportunities exist in any potential contact with extraterrestrials. Official acknowledgment will prove transformative for society, our institutions and beliefs radically changed, commensurate with our loss of innocence. The confirmation of other sentient life forms will be the single biggest event in human history. We must be prepared for that eventuality, and then we can identify how we should direct ourselves in this incredibly important endeavor.

First, humanity must be unified. Advanced civilizations will probably have shared purpose with commensurate spiritual development. And those two factors may actually prove essential to environmentally preserving any planet and managing a technologically sophisticated culture. If federations of intelligent beings exist, they will demand similar cultural unification and spiritual advancement as a prerequisite for inclusion. Unqualified or nonconforming cultures will likely be isolated and surveilled, especially those with violent histories, until they satisfy the prerequisites for membership. Earth is probably in this category.

Second, with respect to our potential unification, humans have a dubious past. Our history is replete with wars, conquests, genocides, racism, sexism, torture, and environmental destruction. Moreover, societal elites are aggregating their privileges—including wealth, knowledge, technology, resources, and capability—with significant compromise to the common good. Historian Richard M. Dolan has written extensively on this amassing of privilege as it relates to the UFO phenomenon.6 In fact, little debate exists as to whether this aggregation occurs, and discussion actually focuses on potential violators and effective solutions. According to Dolan, the ultra-elite (those with direct knowledge and control of the extraterrestrial issue) accrue tremendous corollary benefits such as futuristic technologies, exotic materials, enhanced scientific understandings, and other revolutionary advancements. They represent a separating civilization and are potentially hundreds of years ahead of the public. This separation is a danger for humanity, creating divided allegiances and separate agendas.

Third, we must philosophically accept the truth of existence. Extraterrestrial contact will end our anthropocentrism, or humanity at the center of everything. Consider our historical perceptions of self. Both Darwinists and creationists believe human beings are special, that we are either the highest product of natural evolution or created in the image of God. Ergo, both physically and spiritually we are convinced of our uniqueness and exceptionality. That perception is decimated by confirmation of extraterrestrial life where our identity changes from one to one of many. Such an adjustment for humanity will prove especially challenging since our collective hubris is increasing with every subsequent generation. This egocentricity is exacerbated by the transhumanist belief—exemplified by the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution—that humanity will fuse with machine and become immortal and divine. The preposterousness of that belief aside, our pride alone could ensure our demise since some species may not survive premature exposure to superior intelligence without first accepting their own place within the cosmic hierarchy. Perhaps extraterrestrials know this, which might describe their reluctance for open, official contact. Humans are simply unprepared for the reality of our existence and would likely respond with either aggression or nihilism. Therefore, we must ensure that our self-concept not only survives any potential disclosure but survives realistically (devoid of narcissism), accepting our cosmic position while affirming our inherent value as sentient beings.

Fourth, and as a corollary to the above, is the aforementioned hierarchy of cultures. Extraterrestrial civilizations will be vastly superior to ours, at least those venturing through the galaxy. Star travel demands extraordinary technology and likely includes devastating weaponry and mastery of material reality. Apex civilizations will also likely exploit the foundational realms of mind and spirit.7 Not only would such civilizations dominate their environments, but they might also control future outcomes, including manipulation of physical space and even time. That would require humans to incorporate these new realities into our worldview while also preserving our fundamental humanity. 

Finally, we must aspire toward cultural exceptionalism, benchmarking apex civilizations for both parity and posterity. Humans will likely never accept subservience to aliens or secretive elites since history clearly demonstrates our inexorable march for freedom. Incumbent upon us will be to construct a society deserving of inclusion into whatever federation may exist and then excelling past that order into leadership. Although the human past is rife with division and folly, we are defined by ambition and achievement. Striving is our nature and must be accommodated. Yet that nature is dualistic, comprised of both good and evil. We must see that we can advance farther and faster by tempering our negative side with enhanced spiritual development.

Our best interest, then, is to become more virtuous since nothing would do more to improve our sense of self. As proof, consider our condemnable history. Had we been more principled and magnanimous, imagine the destruction and waste we could have prevented. The number of wars alone is simply incalculable. Again, much of our maliciousness is caused by our own frailties, including insecurity, ego, selfishness, greed, ignorance, envy, and immorality. These deficiencies are likely intolerable to advanced beings who will insist on higher standards of behavior for inclusion into any potential federation.

Enhanced spiritual development also provides the recognition that we and all intelligent species are part of a larger plan. Abduction experiencers often report spiritual overtones and religious messages during their many encounters with extraterrestrials, confirming that God exists, and that humanity is an ensouled species.8 The Near Death Experience (NDE) provides further evidence—scientifically substantiated through observation and experimentation—that consciousness survives physical death.9 We are souls in bodies. Teleological ends (the universe constructed for a desired result) not only rightfully displace seemingly organic evolution but also provide greater meaning for all existences—ours as well as extraterrestrials’.

Hence, the universe was constructed for a purpose, and everything happens for a reason. All sentient life is subject to the master plan, sharing a type of mediocrity contrasted with the grandeur of creation. Humans and extraterrestrials are pieces in a much larger game and are bound by the game’s parameters and objectives. Thus, whatever hierarchy remains among species suggests spiritual enhancement for potential leadership, congruent with the spirit of the plan. The more that plan comes into focus, the more spiritually focused we must become. In short, those beings with the highest spiritual development will ascend because they form superior civilizations and best equate the essence and intentions of the Creator. 


The UFO phenomenon is real. The evidence is beyond convincing, and were there not a concerted effort by governments to maintain secrecy, UFO visitations would be a globally known fact. Nonetheless, Majestic 12 or some similar group may be justified in hiding the truth since humanity is clearly ill-prepared for the reality of an extraterrestrial presence. Confirmation before humanity is ready could be disastrous for our civilization. We could lose our sense of self, our beliefs, our traditions, our values, our culture, and indeed, our very way of life. Some of that is the situation, and some of that is on us. Our unpreparedness is our own fault and the fault of our leaders. We must educate the masses and demand honesty from those in charge. We must lift our collective understanding of the situation and then insist on our government’s accountability. We must improve ourselves and our society in order to be included in galactic affairs.

Unfortunately, a number of challenges exist in this regard. First, our collective intelligence is declining at exactly the time that we must be more astute. Second, secret elites may have myriad reasons apart from security concerns for maintaining secrecy. Third, our leadership may not be fully empowered and may be operating in a type of negotiated surrender situation. Fourth, a lack of comprehension may exist where global authorities are struggling to understand a phenomenon that exceeds our best capabilities. Again, this is where the UFO phenomenon may represent science past our science. We can briefly consider each possibility.

Numerous studies indicate that human IQ is declining (Amundsen, 2021). Potential factors include environmental causes, reliance on technology, poor diets, underbudgeted educational programs, professional specialization, unfavorable demographic trends, and (somewhat conspiratorially) intentional denigration of academic achievement in younger generations to reduce motivation and productivity, thereby saving the planet but furthering a separating civilization. But understanding the UFO phenomenon and then convincing secret elites that we can handle the truth requires enhanced collective intelligence since the subject is infinitely complex. This increase in intelligence will require shifting societal priorities away from entertainment and pleasure and toward education and responsibility. Perhaps social media can finally provide some benefit by expanding both awareness and cohesion. 

Secret elites may have a variety of reasons for maintaining secrecy apart from security concerns. They could include increasing privilege, securing economic advantage, covering constitutional violations, obscuration of crimes, protection of resources, and dereliction of duty. Steven Greer has developed an entire thesis around this premise.10 Some such as William Cooper, John Lear, Jordan Sather, and Haim Eshed have argued that Majestic 12 has negotiated with extraterrestrials and even signed treaties with them.11 In fact, the conditions of those treaties—mutually agreed concealment, technology transfers in exchange for human abductions—are the reasons for the endless secrecy.

Former naval intelligence officer and controversial author William Cooper has claimed that faced with extraterrestrial superiority, humanity exists in a type of negotiated surrender. He reported that our leaders have signed treaties to buy time until weapons systems are developed to bring us to parity. Nonetheless, if technology transfers have occurred, progress in some areas is likely, either from the exchanges themselves or from reverse engineering recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft. It is dubious that extraterrestrials would provide weapons technology to such a warmongering species as humans. It is more likely that they would grant non-lethal applications—specifically artificial intelligence, robotics, and travel technologies—to accelerate human progress. This corresponds with the teleological thesis put forward by Jacques Vallee. The case of Gary McKinnon also illustrates this possibility (“Profile: Gary McKinnon,” 2012).

In 2001, Scottish computer expert Gary McKinnon hacked into Department of Defense and NASA computers and discovered evidence of an advanced space platform—since termed Solar Warden—whose mission was to patrol our solar system with a fleet of highly advanced spacecraft. Such spacecraft are beyond our current known capabilities but might be possible using gifted or reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology. If Solar Warden exists, it is definitive proof of extraterrestrial pedigree and influence. Rather counterintuitively, a negotiated surrender situation may actually enable greater extraterrestrial cooperation because aliens would feel less threatened by humanity, which is an otherwise aggressive and nuclear armed species. This “security” would accelerate technology transfers while fulfilling both human and extraterrestrial agendas.

Finally, it is doubtful that security elites have a complete grasp of the UFO phenomenon. In all likelihood, they are often intimidated and confused. A useful analogy is prehistoric man attempting to understand a commercial aircraft. The UFO phenomenon is simply beyond our current understanding of physics, biology, chemistry, and technology. Therefore, the inherent gap in our comparative capabilities is concerning. History is replete with examples of incomprehension and complacency in the face of hidden dangers. For instance, prior to World War II, world leaders were largely unaware of Nazi Germany’s economic and military buildup, and the results were devastating. The gap between Nazi Germany and the world is nothing compared to the gap between extraterrestrials and humans. Although our leaders have some understanding of the UFO phenomenon, voids in knowledge and potential responses must certainly exist.

That is where secrecy becomes problematic. Lack of transparency limits both requisite funding and access to superior expertise (private sector scientists and relevant academia) due to excessive security concerns. Efficiency is thus compromised. Increased transparency would encourage Congress to allocate the necessary funding while also securing public support for UFO-related endeavors through its public forum. That would greatly increase awareness, prioritize collective focus, begin the unification process, promote necessary human behavioral adjustments, and decrease the timeline for full disclosure.

The issue is how to determine whether humans can handle the truth. A UFO control group—Majestic 12 or something similar—thus must accelerate the desensitization program to test human readiness and response. That necessitates the declassification of larger numbers of UFO documents, as well as more whistleblower testimony. Hence, at every level of human acceptance, elites should increase the level of divulgence, and whenever societal travail appears, they should reduce the exposure. An authentic mainstream media with accurate reporting is absolutely mandatory for successful desensitization. That will prove more effective than the usual reliance on Hollywood or social media to educate the masses. For this task, however, mainstream media must quit filtering and propagandizing, and instead report objective facts and logical linkages in order to regain its lost credibility. The message must be conveyed and conveyed honestly in order for the campaign to succeed.

Experts must also opine about the aliens’ expected phenotypes. Humans must be visually and psychologically prepared for what we encounter. Clearly, there will be some astonishing differences in both appearances and demeanors. Majestic 12 fears a frightened and anarchic public, but that fear is partially their own creation. Proper education of the masses—Drake equation; Kardashev scale; the latest exobiological, cosmological, and ontological research; and more—should largely mitigate human insecurity if the government is forthcoming with the truth.

Humans have previously accepted much existential danger, including potential nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare, as well as pervasive disease and the inevitability of death. Moreover, perhaps our self-conception should expand past human to include humanoid. The galaxy is a big place, and such a perspective would seem necessary to join a federation of beings clearly both visually dissimilar and yet essentially similar to us. We should have much in common. Appearances aside, probably all sentient beings seek posterity, security, sociality, and spirituality. The vast majority likely share a respect for all living things and act accordingly. In fact, we may be the ones who are primitive. We should be confident that our species can accept the situation and make our galactic contribution while also advancing to finally match our aspirations. That will require a unified effort to prioritize our spiritual foundations where we practice our principles instead of claiming them. It is time to become what the future demands.


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1 Dr. Steven Greer, Founder of the Disclosure Project, has maintained that the U.S. government has hidden the truth of UFOs because their existence threatens the existing social order and elitist, privileged rule

2 Jacques Vallee is considered the gold standard of UFO researchers. He is the author of 17 books on the subject and the formulator of the Interdimensional Hypothesis (IDH), which posits interdimensional origins for the UFO phenomenon.

3 Boyd Bushman, a former Lockheed Martin engineer, has claimed that he worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology. More famously, Philip J. Corso in his book The Day after Roswell, maintains that he directed the reverse engineering efforts that led to particle beam devices, fiber optics, integrated circuit chips, and Kevlar.

4 Canadian author Grant Cameron and former Canadian Minister of National Defense Paul Hellyer have suggested that a gradual UFO desensitization program exists.

5 Astrophysicist Eric Davis claims to have interviewed former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Admiral Thomas Wilson in October 2002, where Wilson reported he was denied access to a secret UFO reverse engineering program. The notes of that meeting are found at Wilson has denied the meeting occurred.

6 Historian Richard M. Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State and other books, has suggested that those working with extraterrestrial technologies represent a separating civilization.

7 Quantum mechanics, specifically the double-slit experiment, has demonstrated the foundational nature of mind and spirit. For further exploration, note my book The Full Extent: An Inquiry into Reality and Destiny, Windstream Publishing Company, June 2022. Chapter 15 considers the UFO phenomenon within the context of a mental and spiritual universe.

8 The case of Sid Padrick in 1965 best exemplifies this aspect of the UFO phenomenon (

9 The Near Death Experience is extremely well documented. Notable authors and researchers include Raymond Moody, Stuart Hameroff, Bruce Greyson, and John Burke.

10 Steven Greer’s new documentary film The Lost Century discusses these very ideas.

11 Typically referenced is the Greada Treaty that was supposedly signed by grey extraterrestrials and President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954.