The sciences are stagnating. This is largely the result of dogmatic thinking. The scientific community uses exclusionary control of countervailing methodologies and contradistinctive experimental results to perpetuate their dogma. Their worldview, known as scientific materialism, is predicated on the belief that matter is the only reality and that existence is materially physical and real. This was a logical, yet erroneous belief, based on the ostensible realness of existence afforded to us by our five senses. 

Unfortunately for scientific materialism, quantum experimentation has revealed that reality is fundamentally immaterial and unreal. In addition, such experimentation has demonstrated that Consciousness is fundamental, that Mind came first. Simply, nothing is real without Consciousness observing it, Mind manifesting quantum potential into physical actuality. Moreover, this mind can be antecedently linked to a First Mind or God. Thus, the universe is a spiritual and mental construction of a Divine Being. Obviously, this destroys our current worldview, the Materialist Paradigm, which must be replaced with a superior one, The Consciousness Paradigm.

Perhaps more importantly, the confirmation of the supremacy of Consciousness and its linkage to a First Mind, plus the intricacies of the universe, implies God has a plan and we have a divine purpose. Since God is also a Spirit, we have been granted some of His Mind and some of His Spirit, also known as Soul. Therefore, existence is a universal display of both mental and spiritual properties designed to achieve some spiritual objective, where our souls are crucial to the progression of Spirit in the universe. Thus, we must forward our species and our society to provide an environment whereby Soul can progress to its rightful destination.